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At The York Hearing Practice, we know that the hearing aids you wear are incredibly important.

We only supply the very best hearing aids from the world’s best manufacturers – as no one ear or loss is the same, we recognise the importance of providing our patients with a bespoke solution.

As an independent hearing aid provider, we have complete freedom to recommend the best digital hearing aids to suit your needs.

There is a range of different hearing aid styles available, including Invisible in the ear (IIC), Receiver in the Canal (RIC) and Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids, so what’s the difference, and which hearing aid is right for you?

IICs fit snugly in your ear and recent miniaturization means we have space for wireless ear-to-ear operation, automatic noise sensing & remote control. These are bespoke, made to measure hearing instruments, designed and customised for your ear. Suitable for mild- to severe hearing loss. (Try the PHONAK P90 TITANIUM or LYRIC 4)


The most popular hearing aid form; an RIC is a discreet, mini behind-the-ear hearing solution that uses a wire and a tiny speaker in the ear canal to deliver targeted amplification. This provides more natural sound and less occlusion (‘blocked ear’ feeling) than a traditional BTE aid. Suitable for mild- to severe hearing loss. (Try the PHONAK AUDEO B90 10):  NOW AVAILABLE IN RECHARGEABLE (Lumity L90R).


These are traditional hearing instruments that sit at the back of your outer ear. Sound passes through a tube to a comfortable custom ear mould. Usually prescribed for severe- to profound and complex hearing loss. (Try the PHONAK BOLERO P50R)


An advanced RIC hearing aid that connects to your smartphone. Listen to calls in stereo; stream music and TV directly to your ears and adjust your hearing preferences on your phone. Suitable for mild- to severe hearing loss. (Try the OTICON REAL)

Hearing aids are also available in a number of different technology levels. Typically manufacturers use four levels, loosely termed as basic, standard, advanced and premium. A basic hearing aid will still use the latest technology, but will have less features and hence tends to be designed for people who are relatively inactive, who need help in less complex listening situations.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, premium hearing aids deliver all of the latest features. They are designed to handle the most complex listening situations, deliver the most natural sound quality and best speech clarity.

All modern hearing aids will have a mixture of different features, so hearing aids can be programmed by your audiologist to ensure you get the most out of them for your lifestyle. The easiest way to explain hearing aid features is almost like the Apps on your iPhone/ Smartphone, which all have a different purpose!

The latest Phonak Audéo L hearing aids not only provide exceptional speech understanding and comfort but also appeal to your individual style and preferences.

A modern, sleek design with four models and four performance levels for every budget. The feather-light and slim Audéo L – strengthened with high-tech composite materials for more robustness – sits comfortably behind your ear.

Understanding, interacting, and engaging in conversation are what connect you with loved ones, colleagues and to the world around you. Audéo L hearing aids focus on speech understanding, comfort, ease-of-use, and are tailored to give you the listening experiences you desire.

Unique to Phonak, Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ enables two Audéo L hearing aids to send speech from ear to ear – as if your hearing aids were talking to each other. This leading-edge technology provides better speech understanding in even the most challenging listening environments. Be it in a noisy restaurant, or taking a stroll outdoors.

Also available in the revolutionary lithium-ion rechargeable form.

A whole new world to enjoy. Traditional hearing aid technology delivers speech understanding in noise by focusing on one speaker, while suppressing all other. With Oticon Real, users can handle multiple speakers simultaneously – even in complex environments, so they can focus on what is important and switch attention when desired.

Closing down sounds, closes down life: Technological limitations of current hearing aids have led to the use of narrow directionality to make speech coming from the front clear, while suppressing the rest of the sound environment.

OpenSound Navigator™ opens up life: With the OpenSound Navigator, directionality as we know it is now a thing of the past. Oticon Real delivers the ultra-fast sound analysis and processing needed to provide hearing aid users with access to the sounds in their lives.

A new kind of hearing aid powered by the new ultra-fast Velox™ platform, Oticon Real provides seamless connectivity to iPhone®, smartphones and other audio devices.

Utilising the intelligent operating system, AutoSense OS, Virto P offers more performance in a smaller size than any other custom hearing aid, due to its Floating Antenna. This is a breakthrough piece of technology that allows the leading UK manufacturer to create smaller and more agile custom products to ensure your hearing aid is discreet and seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.

Phonak benefits from an immense amount of British skilled technicians producing custom products for 10 European countries, and so when it comes to actually making a small IIC hearing aid that is built correctly and proves to be reliable, it’s usually Phonak that we choose. Now available in titanium custom ultra-thin shell.


Lyric – the new 100% invisible extended wear hearing aid.

Perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss the Lyric hearing aid is completely invisible and is the world’s first hearing aid which can be worn for extended periods of time. No one can see how well you can hear 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Lyric device is placed deep within the ear canal at our practise and is just 12mm long and sits just 4 mm from your ear drum, using the natural properties of your ear’s anatomy so you hear the way your ears are designed to! Also because it can be worn all day and night it lets you live your life without constraints. In fact people that wear Lyric say they feel like they no longer wear a hearing aid.

Benefits at a glance:

Lyric is 100% invisible!

  • Lyric sits completely in the ear canal and is the most cosmetic hearing aid on the market
  • No one will ever see how well you can hear

Lyric is effortless

  • You can wear Lyric for all your daily activities, including showering, exercising and sleeping*.
  • No daily insertion or removal, battery changes or maintenance.
  • People who wear Lyric say that they no longer feel like a hearing aid user!

Sound Quality

  • Due to the placement of Lyric – you are using the natural properties of your outer ear to improve localisation, feedback and occlusion.

*Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be completely submerged underwater.



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