Lyric 4.0 is Unique

It’s a tiny piece of sophisticated micro-engineering that was born in Silicon Valley in 2006. Since its launch the Lyric hearing aid has completely revolutionised the hearing healthcare industry as it is the first hearing aid in the world that is 100% invisible from the outside and can be worn 24/7 for months at a time*.

Lyric was launched in the UK and Ireland by Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak in 2010 and can only be fitted by specially trained hearing healthcare professionals like us.

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How Lyric Works

Lyric and Tinnitus

Where Tinnitus is associated with an underlying hearing loss, wearing a hearing aid can often provide relief. Amplifying the ‘difficult-to-hear’ ambient sounds could help to distract from the Tinnitus thereby reducing its perception and impact.

Although also helpful, one of the drawbacks of daily wear hearing aids for Tinnitus sufferers is that they need to be removed during the day for showering, or for certain forms of exercise, and at night time for sleeping, often accentuating the Tinnitus during these times.

But the Lyric hearing aid is different, as it is the only hearing aid that can be worn 24/7 for months at a time*. Therefore providing continuous relief for those Tinnitus sufferers who benefit from a hearing aid.

Significant sound benefits

  • Improved Directionality and Localisation (to tell where sounds are coming from)
  • Minimized Occlusion Effect (blocked feeling in the ear canal)
  • Reduced Feedback (whistling sound hearing aids can make)
  • High-Frequency Gain (ability to hear high pitched sounds)
  • Reduction of wind noises
  • Ability to use ear-level listening devices, such as a telephone, headphones, or stethoscope, with little to no feedback.


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