Hearing Care

According to Action on Hearing Loss, 1 in 6 of us in the UK experience hearing difficulties.

Hearing deterioration can be a long process; gradually worsening over many years – but the sooner a hearing loss is identified, the easier it is to correct. We offer a wide range of hearing healthcare services at our hearing aid centre in York and are committed to delivering the very best experience to everyone who comes to us.

Ear Wax Removal

Using ENT microscope

Ear wax is naturally produced by the glands in the first third of your ear canal, to lubricate and protect the skin in your ears. Sometimes ear wax can build up in your ears which can be irksome and affect your hearing. Why you should have ear wax removed professionally?

It is not advised to clear ear wax by using cotton buds, as this often pushes it towards the eardrum and can be even more problematic; the lining of the ear is very delicate and can easily be damaged!

At The York Hearing Centre we offer simple and effective ear wax removal services. This is done using specialist equipment, including a full specification 20x ENT microscope, to gently remove wax from the ear canal. We remove wax using three different methods:
Manual removal

Fees: £75 one ear, £75 two ears, or £30 consultation fee (if the issue is not ear wax), free second appointment if the clinician advises that the ear wax cannot be safely removed on the first visit.

Only available at The York Branch.



Do you hear a ringing, roaring, clicking, or a hissing sound in your ears? 30 million people are currently suffering from tinnitus and a large proportion of them think that there is nothing they can do about it. Tinnitus can have a massive impact on a person’s emotional well-being, their ability to hear, sleep and concentrate. There are ways to get tinnitus relief, including management advice and sound therapy. Many hearing aid manufacturers now include tinnitus therapy options as core features of their hearing aids. Not just that, many have designed accompanying smart phone apps focused completely on tinnitus.

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