It’s quite frustrating when you have a hearing test only to be told that there is too much wax in your ear(s),…either your ears are blocked, making it likely that any hearing test would give inaccurate results or there is simply too much ear wax to enable safe impression taking (for small in-the-ear hearing instruments).

Assuming there are no other relevant factors that need further attention or a different approach (for example – a known ear drum perforation), you will usually be asked to use a wax softening preparation such as Earol (our recommended product), for around 14 days prior to irrigation wax removal. Your Doctor can remove excess ear wax or you can have it done privately.

We offer safe ear wax removal by micro-suction – The cost is £95 in branch.

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Amongst the many specialities we offer, one of the most popular is our ear wax micro-suction procedure. We can quickly and safely remove excess ear wax with a method usually available only by ENT appointment. Prior softening by use of olive oil is not necessary (although using the day before your appointment is preferred).
• Report sent to your GP, on request
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