We are the premier hearing aid specialist in your area and we have many happy patients across the Wetherby post codes. We’re an Independent family-run business, established over 8 years ago. Our Head Audiologist has over 23 years’ experience and specialises in:

  • Phonak
  • Oticon
  • GN Resound
  • Ear wax micro-suction
  • Lyric constant wear hearing aid
  • Tympanometry
  • Speech Audiometry

We can offer you a complimentary home visit, and we also have branches in Pudsey, Skipton, Leeds, Thirsk, Richmond and Cleckheaton. Our prices are also amongst the best in the UK – you can see what every model costs on this website.
The main reason you should choose us is of course, our FREE TRIAL – this means you can try virtually any hearing aid at all free of charge, without payment or signature.
We offer home visits across Wetherby including: Boston Spa, Clifford, Bramham, Linton, Kirk Deighton, Ingmanthorpe, Walshford, Toulston, Aberford. Give us a call and we can arrange a complimentary appointment: on 0800 612 7 812

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    We have been providing hearing aids in Wetherby for over 15 years. Most enquirers actually live on the outskirts of Wetherby . We have existing patients in places such as Boston Spa, Clifford, Bramham, Linton, Kirk Deighton, Ingmanthorpe, Walshford, Toulston, Aberford etc. It is easy for us to see you at home as we have extensive domiciliary testing equipment.

    So, for HEARING AIDS in Wetherby, get in touch.

    *Our free trial offer is quite unique. It is not open to interpretation. Every single patient will be allowed to take away their new hearing aids (Includes virtually every product available: except Lyric and Bone conduction aids) with no payment or signature required. We will encourage every patient to try another, unless the first trial is completely convincing. In fact, we have on occasions permitted individuals to try up to 6 different products over a prolonged period. We make it very easy to quit with no fee due. Each new patient is asked to pay when THEY feel they are satisfied. In this way, it would seem that there is no risk of short-to-mid term buyer error. Read what others think about this process at

    Reduce the costs of future visits with our Hearing Care plan.

    Come along and see us at Fulford, York. We also offer home visits across Yorkshire.

    We are your No.1 choice for Hearing Aids in York.

    Number of years quoted is the warranty length on the product.