Oticon OPN 3 review

Ruth Haley, 3 / 2 / 18

“Losing your hearing isolates you. Makes you unable to join in and makes you feel vulnerable.
On top of which amazingly some people find it a reason to put you down “turn up your hearing aids love” etc . . . At 53 I felt devastated to be in this situation. Rob made me feel much better.

Rob is the man who can help you. He listens to what YOU need and delivers. He is enthusiastic, patient, compassionate, funny and above all an expert in his field. He wants what’s best for you and will give you all the time and adjustments you need.

The free trial is fantastic. I tried 2 or 3 aids before finally feeling 100% happy. Rob never flinched – just kept helping me to make the right choice. The after-sales too, have been great.

Now I can hear in crowded places, watch the TV at a normal volume and never feel isolated. The aids are small and discreet, they don’t whistle and boy are they tough! I have jumped in the shower (having forgotten to take them out) dropped them in the car park and run over them and STILL THEY WORK!!

You get what you pay for and a whole lot more! GO NOW – you’ll be very pleased you did!”

Ruth Haley, 3 / 2 / 18

Wearing Oticon Opn 3

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