Custom Ear Protection from The York Hearing Practice

Our new Sheriff of York

Mrs Verna Campbell finds her Phonak hearing aids supplied by The York Hearing Practice to be very beneficial in her new civic

Our latest training day on deaf awareness

As a forward-thinking company, our latest training day was devoted to discussing how to communicate better with each other, especially if someone

Railcard for the Hard-of-hearing

Did you know that if you have a prescribable hearing loss, then you are eligible for a Disabled Person's Railcard? This card

The York Hearing Practice – Ear Wax Removal

It’s quite frustrating when you have a hearing test only to be told that there is too much wax in your ear(s),...either

The York Hearing Practice – Access to Work

  With everything that one hears in the press, I was pretty sure that ATW funding for hearing aids had been restricted.